3rd Graders at St. Mary School Enjoy a Unique Summer Homework Literature Project

10-02-18 Cesar Vasconcelos 0 comment

Saint Mary School third graders show off the t-shirts they designed based on their summer literature selections.

To kick off the school year, 3rd graders at St. Mary School completed a unique literature project. In addition to reading a summer literature book and writing a book report, the students also created t-shirts representing the main and supporting characters, main setting and problem, favorite scene, and covers of their chosen books.

In addition to using their creativity to design the shirts and using their writing skills for the report, the students practiced their public-speaking skills by presenting their book reports and t-shirts to the class.

Designed to inspire a love of reading and introduce new titles for 3rd graders to choose, the project is a favorite of teacher Chantal Adams who wants children to become lifelong readers.