6th Grade Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos

12-10-18 Cesar Vasconcelos 0 comment

In honor of “Day of the Dead,” St. Mary School 6th grade students studied in religion the traditional Latino and Cajun celebration of Dia de los Muertos. In addition to molding and decorating sugar skulls, each student created an ofrenda, a shrine or altar to honor a deceased loved one. Students decorated memory boxes and added photos, symbols, medals, mementos and other small objects that reflected the interests and history of the person they were remembering. While not a sad time but rather a warm and caring time of remembrance, the students learned about the cycle of life and did a writeup about their loved ones and the objects they chose to represent them. The 6th grade also celebrated the day with the other junior high classes at the Old St. Mary Cemetery, which was established in 1865 and is located within walking distance from the school. This field trip to celebrate Mass is an annual event for the junior high students as a time to reflect and remember their loved ones.

St. Mary School junior high students commemorated Dia de Los Muertos with a special Mass officiated by Fr. Robert Brocato at the Old St. Mary Cemetery established in 1865.


St. Mary School 6th grade students showcased their beautiful ofrenda memory boxes to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and honor their loved ones who have passed.


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