Stacy Huddleston

Stacy Huddleston is a junior high teacher at St. Mary School and received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Santa Clara University. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in child development from San Diego State, she worked for a few years directing preschools in the San Jose area and thought that teaching preschool-age children would be where she would spend her career. Recruited by a teacher at St. Mary School in 1998, Mrs. Huddleston made the leap from teaching preschool to junior high students and still believes that is the best career decision she could have made. “I am fortunate to be able to work in the community I love and thoroughly enjoy teaching junior high students. Watching children develop into unique teenagers has been such a joy for me.” She says that not a day goes by that she does not learn something from at least one of her students about becoming a better person. She says she loves listening to their thoughts and ideas, and she is inspired daily by watching her students grow into amazing individuals. “I am so glad that God led me to St. Mary School. I could not imagine myself anywhere else.”