Chris Eaton

Chris began his music career in third grade with the Allen School Orchestra in San Jose, CA, playing acoustic bass. By nine, he was recording his own guitar music, and by eleven, he played drums and sang lead in his first band. Throughout junior and high school, Chris participated in jazz, marching, and symphonic bands, and played in local rock bands. At 20, he started teaching music when his instructor retired, passing on his students and a music store job to Chris.

Chris earned his Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University, where he studied under notable instructors and performed in various ensembles. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he has played across genres, sharing stages with artists like Bobby McFerrin and Jerry Garcia, and performed in numerous venues and as part of the house band in California’s largest nightclub, The Saddle Rack. He also secured second place in a drum solo competition out of 200 participants.

As a composer and producer, Chris released two solo albums, composed for TV and radio, and sold music on iTunes and other platforms. He also designed sounds published in Keyboard Magazine. Before focusing on music full-time, he managed at GPI Publications and taught music at several schools, writing two drum method books. Chris now owns a recording studio, teaching and working on a new solo album.