Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is St. Mary School’s annual giving drive and is an opportunity for our community to help contribute to the financial success of our school. Our generous donors help us to provide a quality Catholic education and tuition assistance for our students. Donors are acknowledged in the school’s annual newsletter and on the school website. St. Mary School is a qualified 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.
(Tax ID #94-2734503)



The endowment fund is a permanent fund that is restricted, the principal of which is reserved. The funds are invested, and a determined percentage of the portfolio is used for the purposes restricted by the endowment—tuition assistance and scholarships. Endowment is a way to create an everlasting legacy for donors and their heirs and to enable St. Mary School to weather the challenges of fluctuations in enrollment or sharp increases of costs that may occur. (Tax ID #94-2734503)


Matching Gifts

Some companies offer its employees a corporate matching program where the company will match volunteer hours with a monetary contribution as well as match  monetary donations to schools. Please inquire with your company if they offer a matching program and if St. Mary School qualifies.
(Tax ID #94-2734503)

Memorial Gifts

A contribution to the school or its endowment fund may be made at any time to honor a friend, remember a special occasion, or commemorate the death of a loved one. Donations can be made at the School Office, or it can be dropped off in a donation envelope in the Parish Office, which will be forwarded to the school.

You may also mail your gift and include the following information: Name of the person you are honoring, donor’s name and address; and the name and address of the person/family you would like to have notified of your donation. If you have a preference of where you would like your donation directed, please specify that also (i.e. tuition assistance, sports program, science lab, classroom supplies, etc). If no preference is stated, your donation will be applied to where the need is the greatest.

St. Mary School is a qualified 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. (Tax ID #94-2734503)



Scrip can be purchased in the front office, or through the school family envelopes. For scrip cards not in stock in the office, they can be ordered with the bi-weekly orders the school places. For further information, contact the school office at (408) 842-2827.

Thank you to our Donors and Sponsors!

  • American Leak Detection
  • Bien & Sionie Abordo
  • Doug & Noris Anderson
  • Rosemary Anderson
  • Susan Ashville
  • Richard & Jean Barbazette
  • Anna Marie Barberi
  • Rose & Jack Barry
  • Diana Berry
  • Joe, Teresa & Grace Bettencourt
  • Jeff & Michelle Bocchicchio
  • Kathlyn Brown
  • Rita Buzzelli
  • Frank & Vicki Campanella
  • Thomas Carter
  • Katherine Casey
  • Carol Chiantelli
  • Dorothy Chiesa
  • Aaron & Gina Colton
  • Evelyn Codiga
  • John Correnti
  • Brent & Marilyn Creer
  • David Cullen
  • Brian Cunningham
  • Jo Deaver
  • Norma Jeanne Dowd
  • Barbara Drewitz
  • Palmira & Edward Dutra
  • John & Julia Fagundes
  • Ann Filice
  • Timothy Filice
  • Marlene Filice
  • Mario & Ines Fiorio
  • Filberto & Nicole Fonseca
  • Chon Gallegos
  • Roberta Gallegos
  • Rosemary & Gabriel Garcia
  • Jean-Claude & Irena Guillon
  • Bernard Habing
  • Reg & Lisa Haggett
  • Brian & Maureen Hayes
  • Roberta Hughan
  • Kyle & Theresia Hypes
  • Arlene & Jonathan Javier
  • Agapita Johnson
  • Randy & Donna Johnson
  • Ken & Nancy Kahn
  • Frank Kelton
  • James & Jerilyn Kroske
  • Patricio Lauder, a Professional Medical Group
  • David & Bonnie Lawson
  • Mary Leal
  • Everett & Patti Littlejohn
  • Jeff & Carol Luebbers
  • Stephen & Jennifer Machado
  • David & Joanne Maggiora
  • Evelyn Matteucci
  • Mike & Lisa McIntire
  • Dr. Michael McKeever
  • Geraldine Meacham
  • Marvin & Ann Jennifer Mendoza
  • Eunice Meyer
  • Luis Michellini
  • Mitchell J. Milias
  • Joan Miller
  • Pete & Caroline Mireles
  • Rose & Luis Mitre
  • Conrado Montes
  • Stacie Moreno
  • Vernon Mosso
  • Patti Motil
  • Tom Mozzone
  • Norman & Katherine Nelson
  • Mike & Mary Orradre
  • Emily Paiva
  • John & Shelly Paiva
  • Elaine Parker
  • Jack & Carol Peters
  • Diane Porcella
  • Chuck & Nancy Robinson Family
  • Bill & Benita Reimal
  • Melissa Remmick
  • Suzanne Rich
  • Patricia Rudolph
  • Erwin & Alberta Samuelson
  • George & Sandra Sammut
  • Mark & Mary Sanchez
  • Sam & Tenia Santangelo
  • Amy Scatena
  • Courtney & Helen Schultz
  • Terry & Rhonda Secor
  • Roy Shackel
  • Thomas & Irene Shephard
  • Catherine Silacci
  • Tim  & Julie Simpson
  • Caridad Sioc
  • Cherie Somavia
  • Robin & Harriet Spohr
  • Joseph & Georgia Stern
  • Debby Stuker
  • Jim & Karen Sullivan
  • Sandra Teeple
  • Agnes & Christopher Tieh
  • Philip Traynor
  • Robert Von Raesfeld
  • Lester & Nancy Vozza
  • Jan Wallace
  • Robert & Heather Watts
  • Roland & Salley Webb
  • Maryellen Weiby
  • Oliver & Beverly Woodworth
  • Joe Young
  • Eugene & Pauline Zanger

Partners & Donors

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