Dear SMS Friends and Family,

As 2021 winds down, we ask that you consider a year-end gift to help our school meet our $75k fundraising goal. Your support will help us to continue our mission of preparing our students to be lifelong learners with good hearts and discerning spirits.

Tuition dollars alone do not fund the costs of operating our school. This gap is bridged in part by the annual appeal. Your contribution is vital to the daily operations at our campus, technology updates, arts, music, safety and security improvements, teachers’ salaries, and other necessities. Your fully tax deductible gift, large or small, will make a significant impact in our educational endeavors and with the success of our students.

Give today! Join us in support of St. Mary’s mission and help us keep the cost of educating South County’s youth affordable for families now and in the future. No matter how much you give, your contribution to our annual appeal is meaningful. Gifts of any amount make a difference to the students at St. Mary School. Your generosity makes the success of St. Mary students possible. We are incredibly thankful for your support and partnership.


Marcee Ervin, Principal