Melida (Melly) Alnas

Since 2003, Melida Alnas has been the St. Mary School Spanish enrichment teacher for the Kinder 5-year-olds through 8th grade. Previously, she taught Spanish at Sacred Heart School in Hollister and tutored Spanish, algebra and statistics at Gavilan College where she is currently a professor of Spanish. She has a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish with a minor in studio art from San Jose State University. Sra. Alnas loves teaching younger children as they are very enthusiastic about learning a different language. Her philosophy is that everyone should be able to speak another language and be able to communicate with different ethnicities, and to do that, they have to have learn the language or have some understanding of it. “I love teaching Spanish. California is a state that is surrounded with Spanish-speaking communities, so to be a part of their culture, we have to have some understanding of their language.”