Rhonda S.
St. Mary School’s distance learning plan, created by our teachers and administrators in less than a week’s time, is BEYOND incredible!!! Our kids are actively learning and engaging real-time with teachers— ALL of their teachers— and each other. They will be right on track when we go back to our normal school schedule. Can’t even begin to express how blessed we are that [our daughter] is a student at St. Mary School!! Our teachers, administrators, and staff are the cream of the crop!!! With God all things are possible!!!!
Megan P.
Our staff and teachers need a big shout out for all they are doing to keep out kids on track.  [My oldest daughter] spends 4 hours a day in a virtual classroom.  Her teachers are lecturing and leading class discussions.  The response of our faculty is amazing.
Stephen I.
St Mary School of Gilroy was founded in 1871! They have 300 students. The tuition is $8k ($6.3k for parish families). This school is an institution is the southern end of Santa Clara county. The parish and grounds give an old world feel that is missing in so many other places. There are a lot of active families that have been sending their kids to St. Mary's for generations. There is a deep spirituality that is evident in the kids, the art and in the love that can be seen in how the kids relate.
Jairus C.
My son loves this school. All of their staff engaged with respect and dignity to all students. They teach them the core value of respect which starts with good morals and manners in class. They guide their students to individual and team success. If you want your kids to evolve in secured and loving environment then this is the right place!!!