Accepted Students

Students who are accepted to St. Mary School must pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of $450 per student in K1-8th grade at the time of acceptance. This fee is used for textbooks, supplies and other expenses that the school is obligated to pay for each student before the school year begins. The non-refundable Registration Fee must be paid in full by the stated deadline and may not be prorated.


While St. Mary School is dedicated to quality education, it has the same moral responsibility as its families to operate on a sound, budgeted, business-like basis. St. Mary School’s commitment to excellence functions best when the school can meet its financial obligations in a responsible manner. The timely receipt of tuition payments is important.

Tuition is determined by the number of children in a family attending St. Mary School and status as a Catholic family. Families who want to pay tuition at the Catholic Family Rate must provide documentation of sacramental certificates (Baptismal and First Eucharist, if applicable) for the child they wish to register, and submit a completed Parish Affiliation form. A practicing Catholic family is one who is registered with a parish, whose children are baptized Catholic, who regularly attend Sunday liturgy, and who support the parish financially. The principal will make the final decision of whether a family qualifies for the Catholic Family Tuition Rate.

Tuition for families who do not meet this criteria will receive the Non-Catholic Family Tuition Rate.

Annual Tuition for School Year 2020 – 2021
Number of Children Catholic Family Non-Catholic Family
1 $9,000 $11,600
2 $16,740 $21,576
3 $23,760 $30,624
4 $29,880 $38,512

Four tuition payment plans are available and are paid through automatic bank deductions via the FACTS payment system

  • One-payment plan receives a 2% discount (full payment due July 5 prior to the start of the school year)
  • Two-payment plan receives a 1% discount (first payment due July 5 prior to the start of the school year; second payment due January 5)
  • Ten monthly payments (starting in July prior to the start of the school year and ending in April)
  • Eleven monthly payments (starting in July prior to the start of the school year and ending in May)
  • Scrip Program: $200 fee per family due September 1 for the school year. Deposit may be rolled over from the previous year if the $200 minimum rebate commitment was met.
  • Technology Fee: $50 per student (TK and Kinder), $100 per student (1st – 4th grade), $150 per student (5th – 8th grade) due September 1 for the school year
  • Sports Fee: $25 per student, per sport due at the beginning of the sport season
  • Graduation Fee: $175 per student in 8th grade due August 1
  • Nap Mat: $35 per student in TK and Kinder (if purchased in TK, can use in Kinder)
  • Science Camp: $210 per student in 6th grade (fees can be offset with funds raised by the student during the Annual Walk-a-Thon)

Tuition assistance is available for families who need financial aid. To discuss tuition assistance for your family, please contact Principal Marcee Ervin at
(408) 842-2827 or