Bishop Cantú Celebrates Mass with Saint Mary School

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Eighth Graders at Saint Mary School, Gilroy presented Bishop Cantú with a #GilroyStrong t-shirt.








On August 15, Saint Mary Catholic School (Gilroy) was honored with a visit by Bishop Oscar Cantú. A school-wide Mass was celebrated, not only for beginning of the school year, but also to honor Saint Mary’s patron on the Feast the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and members of the Parish gathered together to participate in this special Mass. Father Michael Hendrickson and Father John Hoang concelebrated Mass with the Bishop.

The congregation celebrated with song led by the middle school choir, headed by choir and music director, Leslie Legacion. During the commission of faculty and staff, all were presented with a small token representing the theme of the school year, “With God all things are possible”, and received a special blessing from the Bishop. Bishop Cantú shared a homily centered on heaven, prompting participation from kindergarteners and junior high students alike.

Principal Marcee Ervin and Father Michael led the Bishop on a tour of each classroom. During the Bishop’s tour, 8th grade students gifted him a #GilroyStrong t-shirt, in gratitude for his prayers with respect to the recent Garlic Festival events.

The students were overjoyed to celebrate the beginning of the school year and this Holy day with Bishop Cantú.


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